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Enterprise Computing




Enterprise Computing

This site is an introduction to the Java enterprise computing. Here you can find some introduction to the various APIs and examples to help you to take the first step towards the exciting world of enterprise computing. You can also find information for Sun Java Certification, SCEA

Today's application development needs the power to program for distributed resources in a heterogeneous environment. Enterprise computing is nothing but distributed computing: developing application that can interact with resources across a network. J2EE, is the collection of APIs for developing enterprise-class server-side applications. The APIs are JDBC(Java Database Connectivity), Servlet, JSP(Java Server Pages), EJB(Enterprise Java Beans), JNDI(Java Naming and Directory Interface), JavaIDL(Interface Definition Language), JMS(Java Message Service), JTS(Java Transaction Service), JavaMail, RMI-IIOP(RMI over IIOP OMG's Internet Inter-orb protocol).

JDBC API is independent of databases systems. This allows program to send SQL(Structured Query Language) query and update statements to the database and retrieve the results from the database. Provides programmers with a uniform interface to a wide range of relational databases.

A Servlet is a body of java code that is loaded into and runs inside a servlet engine. It receives and responds to requests from clients. Service calls from clients are handled using a request and response paradigm. For example, a client need information from a database, a servlet can be written that receives the request, get and process the data as needed by the client, and then returns it to the client.These kind of programs are called CGI programs.
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